I’m Only Sleeping…

So now I’m even bloody dreaming about politics.

I woke, bolt upright, just before five this morning. My head was buzzing with fractured partial images of bumblebees and masked anarchists trying to get me to sign petitions and compost toilets and chasing journalists down Whitehall and being followed by a well-known restaurant critic through Parliament Square.

Bizarre, I know, but most of these images do make a weird kind of sense in the context of the last few months of my life. Except for the restaurant critic (although he may have appeared in my dream because I was reading one of his columns in the paper yesterday). And the chasing journalists bit. That bit I do not understand.

And there was even a fully-formed paragraph in my head which seems to have appeared there while I was asleep. Very odd. So I got up and wrote it down (not that it made much sense when I actually did get up this morning).

I don’t usually remember my dreams at all, but lately they have been particularly vivid and memorable. And profoundly unpleasant. This one makes for a pleasantly strange change, whatever it means.

I wonder what my brain is trying to tell me?

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2 thoughts on “I’m Only Sleeping…

  1. I write things in my dreams a lot… and they’re always shite when translated into the real world. In the context of my dreams, though, they always seem earth shattering.

    (nifty new blog by the way!)

    1. trickygirl

      I think I write things in my dreams a lot too, but as I rarely remember said dreams it’s difficult to be sure of that! The paragraph I woke up with the other morning seemed ridiculously, earth shatteringly important, to the extent that I actually got up and wrote it down (without my glasses on, which might explain part of its crapness!) – considering I HATE getting up in the morning, particularly at such an anti-social hour on a Bank Holiday, I must have thought it particularly crucial for some reason…. My brain confuses me sometimes!

      Oh, and thanks :) It’s much cooler than my old MySpace blog, isn’t it!?

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