Reclaim Love 7, or (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?

“If peace on earth was declared today, what would you have to do to keep it that way?”

On Saturday 13th February, a group of like-minded people gathered under the statue of Eros in London’s Piccadilly Circus to dance and drum and eat and hug and celebrate the idea of universal love and peace (photos below). Reclaim Love, the organisers of this, the seventh of these annual ‘pavement parties’, printed up flyers explaining why it was both important and necessary:

“We have called this gathering in response to the fear and confusion in the World at this time. We have decided to send LOVE and HEALING to all the Beings in all the Worlds in an effort to restore peace and harmony throughout infinity”

Now, I am aware that my approval of all that makes the usual cynical lefty me sound like a sad old hippy who has taken too much LSD in her time (um, actually…) and probably says ‘groovy’ far too often for her own good (guilty as charged), but I like the idea of universal love and peace.

In this damaged world where everything has become a commodity, love and peace have become rare and precious artefacts while so many people are suffering because of hatred and war.

You might argue that I am making an obvious point there, and maybe I am. But it is a point often made but rarely acted upon, and that is why it seems to me that coming together to share love and peace (however you choose to do it) might just be A Good Thing.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more logical it seems: what’s not to like?

“May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace”

For more information about Reclaim Love, see here.

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