Because some people are unbelievably random. Like seriously random. Out and about today, I overheard this from a sniffy middle-aged woman:

“I’ve got to make two wedding cakes, actually. One in the shape of a Mongolian yurt. What is a Mongolian yurt?”

A quick Google of the words ‘Mongolian yurt’ brings up a number of interesting and relevant pages, including this succinct definition of yurtness from The Authentic Mongolian Yurt Company:

“A yurt, or a Ger as it is known in Mongolia (yurt is a Russian word meaning shanty, so not considered polite!) is a domed home made up of a wooden frame formed by a number of joined wooden lattice walls with a roof made of a central crown with roof poles radiating out and sitting on the top of the walls. The frame is covered in fabric or skins.

Historical evidence suggests that yurts have been used by nomadic people for over 2000 years – the design is superb – portable, yet strong enough to withstand Siberian winds and insulated against the most extreme weather – Mongolia has the widest temperature range in the world – from a blistering +45°C to a biting -55°C – the felt linings insulate the yurt very effectively and the shape deflects the fierce winds around and over the yurt”

So there you go, Madam. That’s what a yurt is, and a bloody useful thing it is too.

You learn something new every day.

Although I’m not entirely convinced by the idea of a yurt-shaped wedding cake…

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2 thoughts on “Overheard…

    1. trickygirl

      Excellent! Those yurts look very smart and cosy – did you have a good time? They’re really quite amazing structures :)

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