Weird Week

It has, as ever, been a weird week in the world of politics (on both sides of the Atlantic), what with the somewhat disturbing leadership love-in between David Cameron and Nick Clegg, and Barack Obama being propositioned rather embarrassingly by an enthusiastic woman who described him as a “hottie with a smokin’ little body”. Indeed. Ahem.

But it’s been an even weirder week back in the real world. Well, as real as it ever gets in the British media… So, for your puzzlement, delight and delectation, I’ve gathered together a few of the oddest news stories to emerge in the last seven days or so…

How to Upset a London Cabbie:

Easy – do naked yoga on his cab roof, like this female anti-war protester did yesterday. No, seriously. Her attention-grabbing five minute nude peace protest brought traffic to a halt not far from the Houses of Parliament until she was escorted away by the Met (who presumably managed to keep a straight face). At least she picked a relatively warm day to publicly realign her chakras.

(Warning: possibly NSFW)

Mascot Madness:

Have you met Wenlock and Mandeville yet? You will. And if the Olympics 2012 brigade have their way, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them over the next two years – by which point I suspect many of us will be wanting to commit mascoticide (at the very least). Allegedly formed from drops of steel during the building of the Olympic stadium, these two are actually typically crap sporting mascots and just look… well… ridiculous, quite frankly. Who thought this was a good idea?

London’s Ping Pong ding dong:

And in other exciting Olympics 2012 news, it seems London will be hosting a particularly random ping-pong competition in July of this year – although how they expect to get very far playing it outdoors without losing all the balls is a little beyond me. I am, however, rather amused by the suggestion that the first match of the competition will be whiff-whaffed between London Mayor Boris Johnson and the chairman of the 2012 games Lord Sebastian Coe. Just imagine that…

The Leg of God? Perhaps Not:

With the World Cup now less than a month away, it was only going to be a matter of time before Argentina’s notorious national coach Diego Maradona did/said something controversial (or, in this case, both). This time, having managed to run over a cameraman’s leg in the media scrum prior to the announcement of the Argentinean World Cup squad, Maradona then insultingly accused him of ‘inconveniently’ leaving his leg in the wrong place! How careless of him…

Ninjas to the Rescue:

Proof that crime does not pay. It seems some silly Australian muggers decided to jump a German exchange student in a Sydney alleyway – an unpleasant but sadly not uncommon experience in many countries. However, these particular muggers hadn’t taken something quite important into account this time: the fact that the local school for ninja warriors overlooked said alleyway, and the trainee ninjas were only too happy to chase off the miscreants (who were, presumably, bricking it by this point) – ninja style, of course. Ouch.

Nessie’s Friend in High Places:

Here’s a rather sweet story I missed last month. Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster? According to the declassified ‘Nessie Files’, which have recently been displayed at the National Archives of Scotland, it appears that the Chief Constable of the Inverness-shire police force in the late 1930s did – and wanted to protect the creature from trophy-hunters, whatever it was and whatever it took. All of which endearing law-enforcement concern for animal welfare makes me wonder precisely how one would go about arresting the Loch Ness Monster?

Have I missed any particularly weird stories? If you’ve spotted any, feel free to leave a link here or at the Another Kind Of Mind Facebook page.

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