Kew Bridge Eco-Village evicted

Sadly, Kew Bridge Eco-Village was evicted on Thursday 27th May. Police, bailiffs and security guards appeared in the village at 8am, quickly (and fairly peacefully – although there were no arrests) removing the residents – all except for one, who climbed a wooden tower on the site and refused to come down for about three hours!

Armed with my camera, I managed to get down to the site by about 9.30am and captured these shots of the stand-off between the Eco-Village resister and the (slightly exasperated) forces of law and order…

The whole incident was watched from Kew Bridge by the evicted villagers, police and a number of curious passers-by:

The villagers and their supporters were shouting words of encouragement from the bridge to their compatriot on the tower:

The police, having failed to persuade the villager to come down, eventually gave way to security guards who scaled ladders placed against the tower in an attempt to bring the resister back to the ground:

Knowing the score, the eco-villager rapidly moves out of the way as a security guard approaches up the ladder:

The security guard then reaches out to the resisting villager, clearly requesting he come down:

Eventually, after about three hours on his precarious wooden perch, the eco-villager does come down from the tower to supportive cheers from his friends on the bridge:

Almost as soon as his feet hit the ground again, the security guards began dismantling the now-empty tower:

And within minutes it is gone…

… Save for one spar of wood bearing the simple word ‘THANKS’ – which takes on a whole new irony under the circumstances…

Thanks Kew Bridge Eco-Village. I, for one, will miss you.

More Information and What Next?:

Grow Your Own Village blog

Kew Bridge Eco-Village Facebook group

Hounslow Community Land Project Facebook group

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