Hounslow Community Land Project Update

About a month ago, I introduced you to the Hounslow Community Land Project, which had, back then, only just been set up by a group of local activists on the large patch of derelict land next door to the Gurdwara on Hanworth Road.

Earlier this week I visited the project again to see what was going on, and was amazed by the progress that has been made in less than a month. Considering the environmental limitations of the site (there is very little topsoil, and what there is may well be polluted as the site was previously a dye works), things are very much beginning to come together.

Highly creative raised beds have been built from bricks and filled with colourful plants and flowers. Vegetable and herb seedlings are sprouting in pots everywhere – even some of the seeds I planted on my last visit were growing happily (I spotted some tasty-looking strawberries among the lettuce and bean plants too – but I resisted the temptation!).

The football pitch at the back of the site is neatly marked out, complete with home made wooden-framed goals at either end, and the residents are constructing several new and more durable communal structures for everyone to use.

There is even a small wood-built stage, where drama workshops have recently been taking place – in fact, the project is hosting the Open Fire Jam, a poetry/spoken word/music night this Saturday (19th June 2010) too, which looks like it should be good fun.

If you can’t make that (or even if you can), you can still have a look at a few new photos taken around and about on the site earlier this week – click on each photo for the larger version:

I’ll be visiting the project again soon, so expect further reports and photos!

You can get more information about the project and keep up to date with upcoming events and workshops by joining the Hounslow Community Land Project Facebook group here.

Can you help? More topsoil and compost are always needed – get in touch via the Facebook group if you can help, or if you can provide any of these: wood chips, kitchenware, paint (various colours if possible), plants/seeds, plant pots, wood panels/plywood or tools (of the garden or DIY variety). Thanks!

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