Wise words

I actually put together this collection of quotes last year (you can find the original post here), but I thought it was about time I posted it here too…

“If you go to one demonstration and then go home, that’s something, but the people in power can live with that. What they can’t live with is sustained pressure that keeps building, organisations that keep doing things, people that keep learning lessons from the last time and doing it better the next time” – Noam Chomsky

“I think anger is a really beautiful thing when it’s put to work” – Ian MacKaye (Fugazi)

“I now know that if you describe things as better than they are, you are considered to be a romantic; if you describe things as worse than they are, you will be called a realist; and if you describe things exactly as they are, you will be thought of as a satirist” – Quentin Crisp

“History doesn’t always repeat itself. Sometimes it just screams, ‘Why don’t you listen to me?’ and lets fly with a big stick” – John W Campbell Jr

“I said in concert once, ‘In my humble opinion’, and burst out laughing. I’ve never had a humble opinion in my life. If you’re going to have one, why bother to be humble about it?” – Joan Baez

“Keep everyone afraid and they’ll consume” – Marilyn Manson (in ‘Bowling For Columbine’)

“God save our gracious Queen? Why would we invoke a non-specific deity to bail out these unelected spongers?” – comedian Bill Bailey

“What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists is not that they are extreme, but they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents” – RFK

“If the British weren’t so bloody nice, there’d be a bloody revolution” – novelist Angela Carter

“The thing the sixties did was to show us the possibilities and the responsibility that we all had. It wasn’t the answer. It just gave us a glimpse of the possibility” – John Lennon

“Keep a good head and always carry a lightbulb” – Bob Dylan

“If you are a decent human being, war is going to offend you because it has no purpose other than to satisfy someone’s desire for power and profit. And it is the little people who suffer” – war photographer Don McCullin

“When you’re shouting and angry, you don’t really communicate the details of what you know. Very often you mistake opposition for evil, when it’s misunderstanding” – Allan Ginsberg

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition” – Timothy Leary

“I’m glad mushrooms are against the law, because I took them one time, and you know what happened to me? I laid in a field of green grass for four hours going, ‘My God! I love everything.’ Yeah, now if that isn’t a hazard to our country … how are we gonna keep building nuclear weapons, you know what I mean? What’s gonna happen to the arms industry when we realize that we’re all one?!” – legendary comedian Bill Hicks

“Giving money and power to Government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys” – PJ O’Rourke

“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you” – Leon Trotsky

“Anyway, beards and drugs leads me neatly to the Taliban; were they really that backward, or were they the finest minds of the fourteenth century? Nobody seems to know or care. That ideology was never going to work, was it? It was just cobbled together from different beliefs. The anti-intellectualism of the Khmer Rouge, the religious persecution of the Nazis, the enforced beard-wearing from the world of folk music, and the segregation and humiliation of women from the world of golf” – Bill Bailey

“Centuries of male domination have almost destroyed us, a feminist revolution might save our world” – Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons)

“People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people” – V, ‘V For Vendetta’

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. … I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it” – John Lennon

“What I do with my consciousness is my business” – Mick Jagger

“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks, cause as much chaos and disruption as possible; but don’t let them take you alive” – Sid Vicious

“Does feminist mean large unpleasant person who’ll shout at you or someone who believes women are human beings? To me it’s the latter, so I sign up” – novelist Margaret Attwood

“Ludicrous concepts…like the whole idea of a “war on terrorism”. You can wage war against another country, or on a national group within your own country, but you can’t wage war on an abstract noun. How do you know when you’ve won? When you’ve got it removed from the Oxford English Dictionary?” – ex-Python Terry Jones

“He who has the bigger stick has the better chance of imposing his definitions of reality” – Peter Berger

“Non-violent resistance implies the very opposite of weakness. Defiance combined with non-retaliatory acceptance of repression from one’s opponents is active, not passive. It requires strength, and there is nothing automatic or intuitive about the resoluteness required for using non-violent methods in political struggle and the quest for Truth” – Mohandas Gandhi

“The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it’s very brightly coloured, and it’s very loud, and it’s fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, ‘Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?’ And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, ‘Hey, don’t worry; don’t be afraid, ever. Because this is just a ride.’ And we…kill those people. ‘Shut him up! I’ve got a lot invested in this ride, shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry, look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real.’ It’s just a ride. But we always kill the good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok? But it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a ride. And we can change it any time we want. It’s only a choice. No effort, not work, no job, no savings of money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love” – Bill Hicks

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