Urban Green Fair 2010

On a showery early September Sunday recently, I set off across south London to Brockwell Park in Lambeth for the fourth annual Urban Green Fair. Aiming to bring green issues to a city environment, the Urban Green Fair team see their remit as “informing, entertaining and educating people on green issues and making positive, sustainable change”. Putting their money where their mouths are (so to speak), the organisers state that the fair itself is an independent event and is powered by solar and wind energy.

Offering information on all sorts of green projects and businesses in London, a film tent, speakers on social justice and green issues, lessons in making bread from milling the flour to the use of an outdoor baking oven, spoken word and poetry performances, drummers and musicians, safe cycling information, stalls selling everything from recycled vintage fashion to organic herb plants, healers of various types, vegetarian and vegan food, lots of activities for the little ones, and a really chilled out, family-friendly atmosphere, this year’s Urban Green fair was – to me anyway – undoubtedly a success.

As ever, I turned up with my trusty camera in order to bring you a little visual taster of the Urban Green Fair 2010, so here are some of my favourite sights of the afternoon…

The fantastic El Crisis performing some of his amazing poetry in the Spoken Word Zone.

Brockwell Park is one of the many public parks that make London an unusually green city – in this picture you can see that, despite the lush greenery of this park, you can never truly escape from the urban, built environment.

I spotted these African-style drums sitting all alone in the grass, just waiting to be played!

I loved the organic herb stall – these are just a tiny fraction of the huge variety of plants they were selling (very cheaply too), some of which I’d never encountered before outside the pages of old herbals.

Tending the bread oven – waiting for the finished product… From grinding flour with a quern stone to making your own pizza, it was all here!

Chilling at the Urban Green Fair. Is it just me, or does the small dog to the bottom left of the picture look as if he’s reading the placard propped up against the tree stump with great interest…?

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