Lost and Found

Regular readers will know I have a taste for the slightly bizarre and seriously random slow day ‘news’ stories that emerge every so often – and this one is a real gem.

A large hotel chain has released a list of the various things that guests have (either accidentally or deliberately) left behind in their rooms after check out. This list contains fairly ordinary things like books, mobile phones, false teeth, briefcases and teddy bears, but also includes some seriously odd items that really make me wonder about the great British public…

Like a four foot long yam, found abandoned in Cambridge. Or the six and a half thousand pounds worth of gold teeth discovered in a Bridgend hotel room. Or the keys to a Rolls Royce Phantom, left behind in Chester. Or the suitcase full of Victorian royal memorabilia forgotten by a Gatwick Airport guest. Or the poor little Bengal kitten who was thoughtlessly left behind at a hotel in the Docklands area of London.

Then there’s the forgetful individual who somehow managed to leave a diamond-studded Rolex watch and ten grand in cash in a hotel waste bin (how these ended up in the bin in the first place is a bit beyond me!). And the person who forgot they’d brought an antique rocking horse with them when they checked in.

But the most bizarre find of all has to be a life-sized Dalek. No, seriously. A life-sized Dalek, miserably abandoned in a hotel room with little else to do but exterminate any remaining bath robes and those nasty little shampoo sachets (plus any unwary members of the housekeeping staff unfortunate enough to get in its way).

I mean how do you forget you own this sort of stuff? Do people get half-way down the motorway and think: “I’m sure I’ve forgotten something… No, I’ve got my suitcase and my mobile and I’ve paid my bill. What can it be?… Dammit, I left the life-sized Dalek in my hotel room!”



  1. shmoo7275

    Daleks are seriously expensive, too! You’re looking upwards of £1000 if it was a real (BBC) one and not just home made.

  2. shmoo7275

    Besides, what a back-seat driver it would be even if you could:
    “Left! Left! Left or you will be ex-ter-min-ated! You will obey!”

    • trickygirl

      Imagine trying to explain that to the traffic cops: “Er… yes officer, the Dalek took control of the steering wheel and we went straight into that lamp post…” :)

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