Annoying things bands do

This afternoon, I was rummaging through a box of notes and half-written drafts of the book about 90s music and youth culture I’ve been writing on and off for years (I will finish it, I promise. One day!) – and I came across this, which I’d jotted down from Steve Lamacq’s book Going Deaf For A Living: A DJ’s Story (BBC Worldwide; 2000, p.123).

I suspect this will strike a chord with all you music fans…

Annoying things bands do:

– They release the wrong singles from albums

– They ‘mature’

– They split up just before you’re due to see them live

– They split up just after you’ve bought the album and the t-shirt

– They never play your favourite b-side or bonus track live (and if they do, they announce that ‘this is the last time we’re ever doing this one’)

– They go through pointless image changes

– They turn around and tell you that the last album is rubbish – having spent the previous three years telling you how great it is

– Your favourite member of the band quits

– They get pictured at uncool parties

– They disappear for 18 months to write and record just when you need them most

– They moan about money

– They tour with all the wrong bands

– They cover rock classics (badly)

– They dream up endless new ways to hurt and humiliate you.

How do they manage to do all this? And, more to the point, why do we let them get away with it?

Yes, why do we? Any more suggestions as to things bands do that get right up our noses?


What do you think?

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