Careful now, Mr Cameron…

There’s been a spate of witty and amusing placards and banners on show at various recent demonstrations in London (current favourites include the Father Ted-inspired ‘Down with this sort of thing!’, ‘Capitalists of the world ignite’ and ‘I bet they still have EMA at Hogwarts’). I spotted this librarian making a damn good point at yesterday’s massive March For The Alternative



  1. @JonSHarvey

    Makes a refreshing change from the tedious SWP placards they dish out (where ~do~ they make all those – perhaps they have a factory under New Scotland Yard!)

    • trickygirl

      Absolutely! I just had to rush over and take a photo when I spotted that placard. I love the fact that people are angry – but they still have a sense of humour about it all.

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