Slutwalk London

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Many, many thanks to all the amazing women (and one male ally!) who let me photograph them and their placards at Saturday’s Slutwalk London – this slideshow represents a tiny fraction of all the photos I took, but every image has inspired me in some way…

(BBC News website report on Slutwalk London here)

Note: It has been pointed out to me that the first picture in the slideshow sequence doesn’t seem to be showing – will try and fix that as soon as I can!

Update: As of 15/06/11, the slideshow appears to be working correctly again – let me know if there are any more problems with it!

2 thoughts on “Slutwalk London

  1. Hello! It’s Anastasia from Slutwalk, thank you so much for taking these great photos they are really inspirational :) was wondering if you would let us use any of these on the website? Would be great if you could email us at also Andy who started Syon Lane is here and he’s really happy about the Syon Lane photos and says thank you for the publicity :)

    1. Thank you! Have emailed you to let you know I’d love to see some of these pics on your website :)

      I’d promised Andy I’d get some of my Syon Lane photos up, I’m glad to hear he liked them!

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