Tell me about your worst ever gig…

It’s very simple. Have a read of this recent Guardian article on the subject and then tell me about yours for an upcoming blog post here.

Who was it, where was it, when was it, and why was it so very terrible (your reasons don’t necessarily have to be musical ones)?

Bonus points if you’ve been in a band which has played a particularly memorably bad gig – tell me about that too!

To get you started, I’ll share mine. It was Bob Dylan (and yes, I know it’s a lottery as to which Dylan’s going to turn up for any given gig – the crap one or the genius). His voice and guitar were out of tune, he looked and sounded bored shitless, he acted like he’d rather be anywhere else, and he was probably drunk.

Rubbish, frankly.

You lot know the score – so now it’s over to you….

Leave your comments here or over at the Another Kind Of Mind Facebook page – or you can tell me about it on Twitter.



    • trickygirl

      Thanks for those Kat! Sounds like you’ve had some fun times (ahem) playing at various gigs!

      I have to confess, I’m one of those annoying tall people… But even I’ve been stuck behind a few giants in my time!

      I used to go to the Camden Barfly when it was at the late-lamented Falcon pub – a grotty little back room with a pocket handkerchief stage and a beer-soaked floor (ah, those were the days!). Some of the bands I saw there were so bad that I’ve had to block them out of my memory for the sake of my own sanity…

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