Festive Felonies

You might remember that some time ago I blogged about the weird things people leave behind in hotel rooms. So naturally I was fascinated to discover that a large hotel chain has recently released data on the equally random things light-fingered guests liberate from their establishments across the country.

It seems that people indulge in a serious amount of hotel thievery at this time of year – and I’m not just talking about bottles of shampoo or those fluffy bathrobes either. Everything from tinsel, fairy lights and baubles to a Christmas tree and an entire Nativity scene have been pinched by guests from various Best Western hotels in the run-up to Christmas!

And that’s not all. People must check out and bring a Transit van round to the back of the car park. How else would they get a leather two piece suite home? Or a suit of armour? Or a twelve foot model Concorde? Or a papier mache full-size model of a man? Or even the entire movable contents and furniture from a hotel room (except the bed)?

Check out the infographic below for more bizarre details about the truly random nature of hotel guests’ sticky fingers!



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