Reclaim Love 2012

It’s February, which means it’s Reclaim Love time again. With my camera in tow, and despite the pouring rain in London yesterday, I headed off to Piccadilly Circus in order to bring you a taste of this annual pavement party, which is dedicated to bringing real love back to the whole world.

You can see some of my photos from previous Reclaim Love events here and here.

May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace…



    • trickygirl

      Lovely to have a visitor from Sheffield, a city I have much fondness for! Just been having a look at your hearts, you have an excellent selection there. I think you’re right that there’s a lot of love on our streets – but people just don’t notice it, do they? That’s why Reclaim Love is such a good idea. I just love the positive energy at the event (even though it chucked it down with rain this year!). Maybe you could hold a Reclaim Love gathering in Sheffield in 2013!?

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