‘The Crisis of Civilization’: Out on DVD and online 14th March!

Really exciting news reaches me from Crisis of Civilization HQ – from March 14th 2012 at 7pm UK time, everyone will be able to watch and download the film online for FREE, as well as being able to buy the DVD from the Crisis website or from Amazon!

The DVD will be available in both PAL and NTSC formats – which means that anyone can put a screening on now, wherever they are in the world – and comes in lovely eco-friendly recycled packaging (of course!) with over an hour’s worth of extra goodies for you to enjoy, including deleted scenes, remix films, and additional interview footage.

You’ll also find a range of subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish and Chinese, which have been expertly put together by an amazingly dedicated bunch of linguistically talented volunteers.

There’s been lots of interest in the release already, with reviews from the Transition Voice website and the independent film magazine Little White Lies, as well as a great response from the BAFTA-winning film-maker, Nick Broomfield, who described The Crisis of Civilization as “a unique film. Everyone should see it”.

And everyone should. From March 14th, you’ll finally have the opportunity to buy the DVD and show the film to your friends and family or put on a screening in your community whenever you want – and help the Crisis Team get the message out there to as many people as possible!

As director Dean Puckett puts it, over at the Crisis website:

[P]ut the date in your diary, forward this to your friends, blog about it and help spread the word because THE CRISIS OF CIVILIZATION is breaking loose!

Watch it. Download it. Buy it. Screen it.

From March 14th 2012.

There’s lots of other good stuff going on at the Crisis of Civilization website right now. Listen to Dean Puckett and Nafeez Ahmed discussing Syria, Libya, Iran and the West’s response to the Arab Spring in the first ever Crisis podcast. Get involved in the Remix Film Challenge and discover how to make your very own Crisis sequence. Read more about the archive footage used in the film. Watch Dean’s short film about the local Transition Heathrow initiative and find out how you can help protect this brilliant community resource. Find out about the great support the Crisis Team have had from the Transition movement and read Nafeez’s views on how to take the next steps forward. Look into the crises featured in the film in more depth in the Learning Machine. Check out the latest screening dates and find out how you could put on a screening in your area too… and much more!

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