The Only Good System…

… is a Soundsystem!

This basic but effective soundsystem belongs to friends of mine, and it has travelled many miles across London to entertain many parties and protests over the years – including several memorable May Days. You may have seen (or heard!) us out and about with it.

If you’re planning to get out on the streets this May Day – whether you’re partying with a soundsystem or not – make sure you know your rights. The Green & Black Cross website is a very good place to start – try here and here.

And if you’re London-based, read up on the insidious effects of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (PRASRA) on protest in some areas of the capital city. You can find the text of the relevant section of PRASRA here, and some background on the impact of this legislation here.

Whatever you’re doing this May Day, and wherever you’ll be, have fun, stay safe and make your voices heard…

What do you think?

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