New eco-village this summer

Interested in land rights? Then you might be interested in this. The new eco-villagers will be walking to Windsor from tomorrow (Saturday 9th June 2012), camping overnight en route. They will hopefully be arriving at the new eco-village site at some point on Sunday 10th June. If you’d like to join them, they’ll be leaving from Syon Lane Community Allotment at 1pm on Saturday, or you can meet up with them at the site or even at any point along their route – just get in touch and they’ll let you know where they are!

For more information, see their website and Facebook event page, email, follow @freetheland on Twitter or call/text 07963 475 195 /07905 283 114.

If you can’t join them this weekend, maybe you could take a look at the eco-villagers’ Wishlist – which can be found here. You would be of great assistance if you could possibly help out with any of these items!

Wishing them all good luck (and good weather on the way)…



  1. diggers2012

    Wanted to let you know the similar Forest of Dean / Yorkley Court Eco-village needs help as people are crossing their lines… please see: <—— News: Forest of Dean / Yorkley Court Eco-village <—— Address & Contact details (go go go !)

    These kind people need help now… see what your heart says or simply visit a nice place… I hope you get this message well and feel free to email about anything (quick response)


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