UPDATE: The demise of the independent record shop?

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE, 30/06/12: Now I’m really confused. Went past the shop on the bus (again) earlier this week – and, despite the windows still being papered over, the shop looked very… well, open, actually… Anyone know what’s going on here?

Back in January 2011, I posted about the sad decline of the nation’s independent record shops – and why a healthy British music scene really can’t afford to lose them. I noted in that post that I was glad to see that there were still a scattering of such shops left on our High Streets and listed four of my favourite remaining London-based record stores.

Since then, sadly, that list of four has now become a list of three with the recent closure of DADA Records on Chiswick High Road in west London. The first I knew about it was a sudden rush of people finding that January 2011 post on here after searching variations on ‘DADA Records closed’.

I almost didn’t believe it at first, but after checking their website (only to find the message ‘This shop has now closed’) and noticing the shop giving off a very determinedly shut air as I went past on the bus one morning last week, I concluded that these online rumours must be true.

I would like to hope that this is only a temporary closure, and that DADA Records will somehow, somewhere be resurrected, but the current economic climate makes me doubtful of that (although I would be very happy to be proved wrong!). It is a real shame to see it go the same way as the many other independent record stores that have closed over the last 10-15 years. For me (and, I am sure, a large number of west London’s music lovers), this friendly, thoughtfully-stocked and unpretentious record shop, with its chatty and knowledgeable staff, will very much be missed.

I’d really love to hear from you in the comments if you know of other independent record shops – both in London and throughout the rest of the UK – that you can recommend. It would be great to start compiling a list of all the good ones we still have (while we still have them)…


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