#Top100 Songs Part One: 100-91

Recently, I was challenged to compile a list of my Top 100 songs by my fellow music geeks on Twitter – and, me being me, I couldn’t resist, although I’ve probably missed a fair few great tracks along the way! Here’s the first part of the countdown from 100 to 91…

100) BUFFALO TOM – Taillights Fade:

Mmmm…. early 90’s American indie goodness. A bit of a lost classic.

99) THE WAIFS – SunDirtWater:

Quirky and rather sexy jazz/folk/bluesy stuff from Australia (of all places).

98) MINISTRY – Supernaut:

Ministry cover Sabbath in their own inimitable style. What could possibly go wrong?

97) URUSEI YATSURA – Phasers On Stun:

Proper geeky 90’s Scottish indie. And yes, my phasers are certainly on stun…

96) THE CULT – She Sells Sanctuary:

No apologies for this one – it’s that classic, killer Billy Duffy riff that does it for me!

95) MC5 – Kick Out The Jams:

Proof that swearing is big and clever. Still sounds raw and necessary forty plus years later.

94) THE POLICE – King Of Pain:

Sting was quite good once. Honestly. No, really. Here’s the proof.

93) JOE DRISCOLL – Mixtape Champs:

Brilliant and utterly adorable. This is my idea of romance!

92) THE BEAT – Mirror In The Bathroom:

Classic slice of Two-Tone with probably the most weirdly narcissistic set of lyrics ever…

91) THE B52’s – Roam:

They wrote my name song (Planet Claire), which nearly made the list – but this just makes me smile.

The list continues – 90-81 to come soon!



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