#Top100 Songs Part Three: 80-71

Here’s the rundown of part three of my Top 100 songs of all time, from 80 to 71. Thanks to everyone who commented about these tracks (and said nice things about my taste in music!) on Twitter tonight. To check out the previous twenty selections from the list, see here and here.

80) THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – Birdhouse In Your Soul:

Absolute genius of a band. From their fantastic 1990 album Flood.

79) SUZANNE VEGA – Marlene On The Wall:

Quite a few of her songs made the Top 100 longlist, but this is still my favourite.

78) THE SPECIALS – A Message To You Rudi:

As important and as necessary now as they were in the 70’s, this classic cover is pure Specials.

77) DAFT PUNK – Around The World:

Intelligent, interesting and quirky electronica that you can dance to. Also, that awesome Michel Gondry video!

76) MOBB DEEP – Shook Ones Part II:

Fierce, dark and massively influential – this has been sampled a million times but still sounds great.

75) L7 – Shitlist:

A list I would not like to be on (see Natural Born Killers for why)!

74) DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE – Soul Meets Body:

Great live band. Achingly romantic in a geeky kind of way.

73) DAVID BOWIE – Rebel Rebel:

This made the list on the strength of that killer riff alone…

72) ROLLING STONES – Gimme Shelter:

Another mind-melter of a riff, creepy and atmospheric. Further proof (not that any is needed!) that Keef is a genius.

71) NEW ORDER – Bizarre Love Triangle:

Because this is a perfect distillation of everything that makes New Order so damn good.

More to come – 70-61 soon!



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