#Top100 Songs Part Nine: 20-11

We’re now into the top twenty of my #Top100. I’ve loved some of the Twitter reactions to these choices, especially the responses to my not particularly obvious selections! Thank you again to everyone who has commented. If you’ve missed any of the previous parts of the countdown, you can still find them all in one place by clicking here.

20) BLACK SABBATH – War Pigs:

The men who invented metal. Couldn’t do my 100 without the mighty Sabbath!

19) MOGWAI – Christmas Steps:

Everything they do is head-melting. This is astounding.

18) ALISON LIMERICK – Where Love Lives:

Really classy early 90’s piano house anthem.

17) MOTHER LOVE BONE – Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns:

Without them, there would have been no grunge. Another lost classic.

16) LED ZEPPELIN – When The Levee Breaks:

John Bonham at his most magnificent – this is the most sampled drum break in hip hop history.

15) TOOL – Eulogy:

Dark, complex and slightly disturbing, this is an absorbing listen.

14) THE CURE – Just Like Heaven:

Perfect pop, the Robert Smith way…

13) ORBITAL – Belfast:

One of their finest moments, this is a beautiful and comforting slice of elegant electronica.

12) THE BREEDERS – Cannonball:

That bassline…! This track is easily Kim Deal’s masterpiece.

11) THE CLASH – Magnificent Seven:

Having given us their take on reggae, here The Clash taken on New York hip hop to hugely fun effect.

One #Top100 post to go! Watch out for the top ten coming very soon…


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