#Top100 Songs Part Ten: 10-1

Finally made it to the top ten! Thanks to everyone who stuck with me through this epic musical journey – you can find the rest of the hundred here if you’ve missed anything. As promised, we’ll be returning to the usual Another Kind Of Mind mash-up of weird history, interesting quotes, political ranting and photographs of eccentric aquatic avians after this post…

10) SUGAR – Hoover Dam:

“And all that’s left of me is slight insanity. What’s on the right I don’t know”. From Copper Blue, one of my all-time favourite albums.

9) PEARL JAM – State Of Love And Trust:

Impassioned, intense, and it just rocks.

8) NEW ORDER – Ceremony:

This track marks the moment Joy Division became New Order – their past and future wrapped up in one song.

7) TEMPLE OF THE DOG – Hunger Strike:

Powerful grunge supergroup tribute to Mother Love Bone’s charismatic singer Andy Wood, featuring stunning vocals from Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell.

6) ELLIOTT SMITH – Angeles:

Perfection in a small and beautiful package. “No-one’s gonna fool around with us….”

5) NICK DRAKE – From The Morning:

Simultaneously achingly melancholy and quietly hopeful, this deceptively simple little song is probably the most gorgeous thing Nick Drake recorded during his tragically short career.

4) MASSIVE ATTACK – Unfinished Sympathy:

A heart-stopping vocal by the hugely underrated Shara Nelson delicately floats over the kind of precision beats that most producers would kill for. And the video is a work of genius too.

3) THE WATERBOYS – The Whole Of The Moon:

Yet another that builds and builds – this is a classic slice of epic 80’s alternative. I’ve loved this song since I was a kid.

2) THE STONE ROSES – Fool’s Gold (Full Album Version):

Almost ten minutes of absolute total and utter bliss. This song changed my life.

1) FLEETWOOD MAC – Go Your Own Way:

When most people have a bad break-up, they disappear under the duvet to sulk and cry for a while. Lindsey Buckingham didn’t. He split from fellow band member Stevie Nicks – and this, one of the greatest rock songs of all time, was the result of his heartbreak. Genius. Fact.


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