Happy 3rd Birthday, Another Kind Of Mind!

Time flies. Not sure how this happened, but today is Another Kind Of Mind’s third birthday. In those three years since August 2009, I’ve written 250 posts and wrangled more than 500 comments from the nearly 38,000 visitors who have popped by (swarmed by is more like it, as Brian’s Mum puts it) from almost every country on the face of this planet. Considering that this is an eccentric personal blog written by someone who doesn’t have a ‘niche’ subject or much time for SEO dithering, those stats amaze me. Seems I’m not talking to myself after all…

However, all this would not have been possible without some amazing people. Big thank yous go out to all my readers, whether you’re a regular subscriber or a drive-by single post glancer, and to all those who have liked, shared and commented on my posts over the last three years (especially all my lovely Twitter followers!). Thanks also to my friends and family, without whose love, support and encouragement through some difficult times Another Kind Of Mind would not exist. Here’s to the next three years!

Time for some birthday cake, methinks…


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