A hoot of an afternoon (sorry…)

Meet Sonny (above) and Tallulah (below), possibly the most chilled out Barn Owls in the world. I met them this afternoon at the Grow Heathrow open day in Sipson – they’d been brought along by a local owl rescue centre (which, I have to admit, I didn’t even know existed until today!) to meet everyone.

Tallulah was far too busy preening to pose for my camera, and I’m not sure Sonny even noticed he was being photographed – he looks almost asleep in virtually every shot I took of him. In fact, I was lucky enough to be able to hold Sonny for a while (with the aid of one of those reinforced gauntlet glove things), and he nearly fell asleep perched happily on my hand as I stroked him!

Yes, it seems owls like to be stroked, believe it or not…

Owls are the kind of creature that most of us never see (you’re more likely to hear one), or only see a brief flash of as it sails by through the night, so it was such a privilege – and a real treat – to have the opportunity to get so close to such an amazing bird.

This post is dedicated to every single one of my Twitter followers who tweeted me variations on the ‘giving a hoot’ gag. There were a lot of you!


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