Grow Heathrow Open Day

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Many of you will have already seen my meeting with a curious owl at the Grow Heathrow open day last weekend, but here’s some other pics from the day that I’ve finally managed to get uploaded!

Despite living locally (and knowing people who had been involved in the project), I had never visited the Grow Heathrow site before last Saturday. Once a market garden in Sipson, a community still under threat from the possible expansion of Heathrow airport, the site had long been abandoned and derelict until the Grow Heathrow team moved in to transform it into a much-loved sustainable community resource.

Dean Puckett, the director of The Crisis of Civilization (and friend of Another Kind Of Mind), recently made this short film about the Grow Heathrow experience:

Sadly, Grow Heathrow is currently threatened by eviction – despite widespread support from the local community and the overwhelming evidence of the good they’re doing, it seems the site’s owners don’t want them there. The court case is ongoing, but you can show your support by signing the Save Grow Heathrow petition here and spreading the word…

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