‘Grasp The Nettle’: The Trailer

Here’s something I’m really excited about. This is the trailer for Grasp The Nettle, the brand new film from some of the team behind the successful indie remix mash-up documentary The Crisis of Civilization (2011). Filmed during the immediate aftermath of the 2008 banking collapse and beyond, Grasp The Nettle follows the lives and experiences of an eclectic group of activists involved in two radical social projects in London – the Kew Bridge Eco-Village and the controversial Democracy Village in Parliament Square.

The Grasp The Nettle team describe the film as:

an intimate exploration of the rise and fall of two radical social experiments, pioneered by the loved and the lost of a city reeling from the impact of economic and ecological crisis. In the process, it asks hard questions about the nature of freedom and the meaning of activism in ‘interesting times’.

And interesting times they certainly were – having been a part of the epic journey documented in the film, I can attest to that! I clearly remember director Dean Puckett wandering round the eco-village at Kew Bridge with his camera on many occasions (as well as being collared to discuss my views on said camera a couple of times), and I’m really looking forward to seeing the results.

But truly independent film-making like this takes a lot of time, energy, talent, love, and input from many kind and generous people – and the Grasp The Nettle team need your help. Interested in getting involved? You can help to crowdfund the project (find out more here). Or if you haven’t got any spare cash, you can still get involved by spreading the word about the film online and among your friends. Thank you!

What do you think?

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