Signs of Spring at Syon Lane

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It may still be distinctly chilly in London, but there are already signs of spring in the air. And this means that Syon Lane Community Allotment is beginning to come out of its winter hibernation at last. If you look very closely, you can see new growth appearing everywhere as the cycle of the seasons repeats…

Interested in what we’re doing at the allotment? You’re in luck. Spring also means that the Syon Lane Sunday open days are back each week from 12pm. All are welcome!

For details on how to get to us, see the website here – and you can join in the discussion on Facebook and Twitter too.

You can find more of my photographs from Syon Lane here.



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  2. mickeyjay9439

    Spring is definitely in the air.On Monday past,the sun was shining fit to burst and there was a hint of warmth from it.
    At the Dussindale Allotments here in Norwich,you could almost say it was crowded,Iv’e never seen so many backs bent over spades.It was nice to see everyone preparing their beds for the first early potatoes.
    It was encouraging to see people who had plots but never seemed to cultivate them turn out to start digging,maybe it was the upcoming council inspection that they turned out to show willing.Whatever,it was nice to see everybody getting stuck in,I’ll wager there was some stiff backs on Tuesday morning and mutterings of not to do so much at the start of the season.

    • trickygirl

      Thank you for your comment! It’s so lovely to see the sun shining again – that’s definitely bringing people out into their gardens and allotments again. It’s good to hear you’ve got lots of people involved where you are; I know there is a long waiting list for council allotments here. We’re very lucky – our site was council allotments, but it was sold off many years ago. The landowner couldn’t get planning permission to build on the site, so it was left derelict for a long time. We got in contact with him, and he gave us permission to cultivate the land, which we and a group of local residents have done successfully since 2010. It’s been hard work but very much worth it!

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