The Ducks of Bodiam

"Don't look now, she's got a camera!"

“Don’t look now, she’s got a camera!”

I realised recently that we haven’t had any ducks round here for absolutely ages. So, when I spotted a few relatively friendly mallards on a family trip to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex not so long ago, I decided that a new duck post was definitely in the offing. And when I say I spotted a few mallards, I actually mean there were loads of them. They were absolutely everywhere. They didn’t seem that bothered by humans either (their collective look of disdain when a small boy came hurtling up the path towards them, enthusiastically yelling “OOOOH, HELLO DUCKS!” kinda said it all).

Smartening up for the camera

Smartening up for the camera

But this veritable multitude of ducks have some watery competition. The moat at Bodiam is also full of the most enormous koi carp, some of them probably big enough to see a mallard as a tasty mid-morning snack. These fish are famous. Or possibly even infamous. Indeed, almost everyone I’ve mentioned my Bodiam visit to has said “Oooh, the fish! Are those huge fish still in the moat?” Yep. And here they are – some of them at least:

Fish on the prowl...

Fish on the prowl…

However, if I had a castle, the moat would be full of piranhas. And a shark. A much better defensive strategy, I reckon…



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