Christmas in London: The First Trafalgar Square Tree (1947)

O Christmas Tree

Back in 2012, I wrote about the history of that well-loved icon of a London Christmas – the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. Recently, while looking for something else entirely (as is always the way!), I came across a couple of vintage pictures of what appears to be the first tree to go up in the Square back in 1947, which I thought I would share with you this Christmas. From two different sources (click on each image for more information), these pictures were taken from different angles and seemingly by different photographers, but they clearly show the same tree and the crowds of Londoners who came to see it.

Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square

In an austerity-ridden London still recovering from the effects of the Second World War, where rationing and the disruption to housing and businesses left behind by the impact of the Blitz were still part of people’s everyday lives, this Norwegian tree, proudly standing tall in the centre of the city, would likely have been a small but significant bright spot (and, in some ways, a symbol of peace in a still chaotic world) for the many Londoners and visitors alike who would have seen it as that winter drew on…

Click on the images above for further information and source details.

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