Post Early For Christmas… Again!

‘Christmas Mail’ (c. 1910-15)

In recent years, we’ve met the world’s most organised dog, a clumsy wartime comic and some of the people of Christmas, Florida (watch out for more from them soon!), who were all united in explaining how to get your cards, presents and letters to Santa in the post in plenty of time for the festivities.

I’ve been a bit rubbish with my Christmas post this year, but I loved these festive mail-related images. The black and white photographs are all American, probably taken in and around the Washington DC area, and the brightly coloured adverts (below) are from wartime Britain again.

The Christmas Post Office (1921)
‘The Christmas Post Office’ (1921) – Oh look, there’s Santa already!

All these adverts and photos of seasonal parcels and packages (and the people who delivered them) show that promotion of the Christmas post goes back a long way and was considered important – on both sides of the Atlantic.

A load of Christmas packages (1913)
‘A Load of Xmas Packages’ (1913)

I may be a little belated with these, but as always, here are the last posting dates for Christmas mail in the countries that have sent by far the most readers to Another Kind Of Mind in 2019 (and who might plausibly want to send me a bottle of gin…)





‘Post Christmas Letters’ advert (c. 1939-45)
‘Post Earlier’ advert (1943)

For lots more Christmas reading (and viewing) from me, click here


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