When Santa Visited Christmas


Last year, we visited the Florida settlement of Christmas (apparently home to the world’s largest concrete alligator too, but that’s by the by) and saw some rather lovely photos of their Christmas post office at its busiest time of the year.

Marion Stockton and Santa Claus: Christmas, Florida (1947)

This year, I found some more images, likely from the same set of late 1940s photos, showing Santa Claus visiting the town and interacting with the local children. He collects their all-important letters to him and doles out sweeties in return.

Lewis and Stanley Yates give Santa a helping hand - Christmas, Florida (1947)

They watch him in wide-eyed fascination – the magic is real for these kids, whoever it really is under that beard (although I suspect he’s been well and truly rumbled in that respect by the slightly cynical kid below!)

Lewis Yates and Santa Claus: Christmas, Florida (1947)

A very merry Christmas to you all… from Santa and the Christmas Post Office!

For much more festive reading (and watching), click here!

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