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  3. Ian M Davies

    Found your research on Incapacity benefit fraud interesting as I’ve been on it for about 15 years, didn’t choose to be ill but was let down by the NHS who failed to treat my injury properly. My specialist said because of the delay it won’t get better yet ATOS keep failing me for my medical test, whats wrong with ATOS is they are not accountable and they do not consult with the medical professionals treating the claimant.

    What I have done though is use my condition to inspire ideas to help others and create work for UK companies, for instance the Plugster® has been given to thousands of people in the UK.

    The so called employment & support allowance is a farce as I’ve been asking for help for years to find or create work I can manage, there is little help to get away from benefits so they have decided to target 100% of claimants with ATOS Healthcare and try to force them into vulnerable positions despite fraud only being 0.3%. Noticed only one other benefit had a lower fraud rate that IB yet the media in collaboration with the Government are demonising vulnerable people.

    Regards, Ian

    • trickygirl

      Thank you for your comment Ian. I find it appalling that the government and the media have consistently lied about the number of fraudulent sickness benefit claims – I was vaguely aware that the figures didn’t add up, but when I first read the DWP report I link to in that post, I sat there with my mouth open. It is nothing less than a targeted attack against those who are sick, disabled and vulnerable.

      All we can do is keep on fighting to get our voices heard and to spread the word about the lies this government have told about the sick and disabled. I admire your efforts to use your experiences to inspire and help others and wish you the best of luck in your battle.

      Take care.

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