#Top100 Songs Part Ten: 10-1

Finally made it to the top ten! Thanks to everyone who stuck with me through this epic musical journey – you can find the rest of the hundred here if you’ve missed anything. As promised, we’ll be returning to the usual Another Kind Of Mind mash-up of weird history, interesting quotes, political ranting and photographs of eccentric aquatic avians after this post…

10) SUGAR – Hoover Dam:

“And all that’s left of me is slight insanity. What’s on the right I don’t know”. From Copper Blue, one of my all-time favourite albums.

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#Top100 Songs Part Nine: 20-11

We’re now into the top twenty of my #Top100. I’ve loved some of the Twitter reactions to these choices, especially the responses to my not particularly obvious selections! Thank you again to everyone who has commented. If you’ve missed any of the previous parts of the countdown, you can still find them all in one place by clicking here.

20) BLACK SABBATH – War Pigs:

The men who invented metal. Couldn’t do my 100 without the mighty Sabbath!

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#Top100 Songs Part Eight: 30-21

And, finally for today, here’s last night’s #Top100 selections. Feel free to carry on letting me know what you think – I’m glad to see I’m not the only one out there with incredibly random taste in music! As ever, you can find all my previous #Top100 choices in one place by clicking here. We’re getting ever closer to the top twenty now…

30) BOB DYLAN – Hurricane:

A brilliant, classic example of the narrative song in the hands of a modern master of storytelling.

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#Top100 Songs Part Seven: 40-31

Bringing you (almost) up to date with the Top 100, here’s Friday night’s selections – and we’re finally into the top forty (saying that, I almost feel like I should be presenting Top Of The Pops here!). If you’ve missed any of my previous #Top100 choices, you can find all of them in one place by clicking here.

40) SISTERS OF MERCY – Dominion/Mother Russia:

Epic gothness from some epic goths (although I got told off for choosing this one over some earlier Sisters material!)

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#Top100 Songs Part Six: 50-41

Here’s a quick catch-up of my Top 100 countdown from 50 to 41. Thanks again to everyone who has commented on my choices – feel free to let me know what you think. Only four more #Top100 posts to go, and I promise that we’ll be back to normal service on Another Kind Of Mind after those! If you’ve missed any of the previous parts of the countdown, click here.

50) GOLDIE – Inner City Life:

One of the tracks that defined drum ‘n’ bass.

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#Top100 Songs Part Five: 60-51

We’re half way through the Top 100 countdown – here’s tonight’s selection of tracks. Don’t forget, if you’ve got anything to say about my choices, please feel free to let me know! For the rest of the rundown from 100 to 61, see here.

60) VERUCA SALT – Seether:

Grunge meets pop meets riot grrrl – and not the unholy mess of a noise that this suggests!

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#Top100 Songs Part Four: 70-61

Absolutely loving all the responses to my Top 100 choices; from the comments I’ve been getting, it seems that there’s loads of people out there on teh interwebz who, quite frankly, have awesome taste in music too! If you’re on Twitter, by the way, you can follow the conversation at the hashtag #Top100. Here’s tonight’s ten tracks, and if you want to catch up with my previous selections, you can find them all here, here and here.

70) TORI AMOS – Silent All These Years:

A gorgeous song from a gorgeous, inspiring woman with a stunning voice.

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#Top100 Songs Part Three: 80-71

Here’s the rundown of part three of my Top 100 songs of all time, from 80 to 71. Thanks to everyone who commented about these tracks (and said nice things about my taste in music!) on Twitter tonight. To check out the previous twenty selections from the list, see here and here.

80) THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – Birdhouse In Your Soul:

Absolute genius of a band. From their fantastic 1990 album Flood.

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#Top100 Songs Part Two: 90-81

There’s been a really cool response to the first part of this rundown, including a lovely tweet from one of the artists listed (thank you Joe Driscoll!), so here are my choices from 90 to 81. For Part One and more details, see here.

90) ST ETIENNE – He’s On The Phone:

Classy, bouncy 90’s girl-fronted indie pop. Almost defines the word ‘earworm’…

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#Top100 Songs Part One: 100-91

Recently, I was challenged to compile a list of my Top 100 songs by my fellow music geeks on Twitter – and, me being me, I couldn’t resist, although I’ve probably missed a fair few great tracks along the way! Here’s the first part of the countdown from 100 to 91…

100) BUFFALO TOM – Taillights Fade:

Mmmm…. early 90’s American indie goodness. A bit of a lost classic.

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