Compromised email account

I got home yesterday to find a flood of messages from various friends who were concerned that my main email address was sending out spam messages (you know the sort of thing: dodgy offers for those little blue pills used by gentlemen wishing to perk up their love lives and the like). Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy about this – especially as the compromised email address is associated with a number of other website accounts, as well as being linked to the separate gmail address I use for Another Kind Of Mind.

I’m still trying to find out what has happened (and whether this has any connection with the fact that I currently can’t log into Twitter either!) – but in the meantime, I have reset both email account passwords and that for my WordPress account. I don’t think Another Kind Of Mind or the associated gmail account have been affected by this, but if you are a subscriber or commenter and you have received spam messages purporting to come from me or from this blog, please let me know.

If you have been affected, please accept my apologies (I am very hot on security and privacy on this blog – see here for more details) and be assured that I am making every effort to ensure that this doesn’t happen again!

Wonderful spam (not), or Who let those Vikings in?

Mrs Bun: Have you got anything without SPAM?

Waitress: Well, there’s SPAM, egg, sausage, and SPAM; that’s not got much SPAM in it.

Mrs Bun: I don’t want any SPAM!

Mr Bun: Why can’t she have egg, bacon, SPAM, and sausage?

Mrs Bun: That’s got SPAM in it!

Mr Bun: Hasn’t got as much SPAM in it as SPAM, egg, sausage, and SPAM, has it?

Vikings: [singing] SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM… Lovely SPAM! Wonderful SPAM!

It’s ridiculous really.

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