Great things happen when people #Occupy

Sadly, the Occupy LSX camp at St Paul’s Cathedral was evicted in the early hours of this morning, after almost four and a half months. I, for one, will miss its presence, as I firmly believe that powerful things can happen when people come together as a community to work together towards a common cause – and that the Occupy movement worldwide has already helped to open the eyes of many people as to what is going on in our governments, businesses and societies.

However, despite the end of this high-profile Occupy camp (and the eviction of the Occupy School of Ideas at the same time), the Occupiers have promised that this is only the beginning – and I hope it is. It certainly isn’t the end of Occupy London, as the site at Finsbury Square is – as far as I know – still in operation and intends to remain so. And that has to be a good thing…

You can also see some of my photos from the first day of Occupy LSX, from the day that the Finsbury Square site was taken and a set from January 2012 here on Another Kind Of Mind.

Kew Bridge Eco-Village evicted

Sadly, Kew Bridge Eco-Village was evicted on Thursday 27th May. Police, bailiffs and security guards appeared in the village at 8am, quickly (and fairly peacefully – although there were no arrests) removing the residents – all except for one, who climbed a wooden tower on the site and refused to come down for about three hours!

Armed with my camera, I managed to get down to the site by about 9.30am and captured these shots of the stand-off between the Eco-Village resister and the (slightly exasperated) forces of law and order…

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