Albums of the Year 2016

One of said favourite record stores.
One of said favourite record stores.

I know, it’s already January 2017 – but better late than never…

Having spent a large chunk of 2016 pretty much immobile, I haven’t managed to pay my favourite record stores the usual regular visits over the last eight months or so – which means I have been very grateful to the good friends (they know who they are) who have helped out by providing my fix of new music, especially during the latter part of the year. None of them will be surprised that a high proportion of their selections appear on this list!

As usual, this is a very personal and fairly eclectic list, and consists solely of the albums I enjoyed the most in 2016 – I tend to ignore media end of year lists, and focus instead on the music I actually like instead of the bands and albums the music press tell me I should be into. Inevitably, they occasionally get it right and there is some crossover with my list, but compiling these choices is all so subjective anyway…

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#Top50 Albums in numbers

OK. It’s time for a little self indulgence, for which I am sure you will forgive me! Feel free to ignore this post if you’re not interested in such geeky housekeeping, but if you are, here’s a few interesting stats concerning my #Top50 albums list (which you can find in its entirety here and here)…


5 – the number of decades covered by my #Top50 list

2 – the number of albums on the list released in the 1960s

6 – the number of albums on the list released in the 1970s

11 – the number of albums on the list released in the 1980s

30 – the number of albums on the list released in the 1990s

1 – the number of albums on the list released in the 2000s

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#Top50 Albums Part Two: 25-1

Here’s the second part of my #Top50 album countdown (you can find Part One and an explanation of all this geekery here)…. plus a few long-players that didn’t quite make it onto the list but definitely deserve an honourable mention… Thank you for all of your responses to this!

25) LED ZEPPELIN – IV (1971)

24) HÜSKER DÜ – Candy Apple Grey (1986)

23) THE CLASH – The Clash (1977)

22) R.E.M. – Murmur (1983)

21) NICK DRAKE – Pink Moon (1972)

20) SEPULTURA – Chaos A.D. (1993)

19) JOY DIVISION – Unknown Pleasures (1979)

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#Top50 Albums Part One: 50-26

Some of you may remember that last summer I was challenged on Twitter to come up with a list of my Top 100 songs (you can find those here). As a sort of follow up to all that fun and games, an albums list was proposed by various music-loving tweeters (for more on that, see here), and I couldn’t resist. This new list turned out to be quite a challenge – my Top 50 choices were painfully whittled down from a very long longlist which could quite easily have grown to twice its size again!

In compiling the final list, I worked to these (very) basic guidelines:

1) Only one album per band/artist is included on the list, otherwise it would, quite frankly, get boring

2) The list can contain studio albums, live albums, soundtracks, mini-albums and compilations

3) This is not about appearing ‘cool’ or ‘hip’: these are all albums that I love and which mean something to me.

Now that’s all clear, here’s the first half of my #Top50 from 50 to 26…

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