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The Art of the Mix Tape

I’m showing my age (and my geekiness) a bit here, but I’ve been thinking about cassette tapes quite a bit recently. No, seriously, I have.

I loved cassettes. In fact, I still have two large boxes full of them taking up valuable CD and DVD storage space in my room, but I’m strangely reluctant to get rid of them. And, somewhere or other, I still have a Sony Walkman (of the cassette variety) in full working order. It’s a cute little thing too; matte silver and about the size of a tape case, and still the best personal stereo I’ve ever owned.

I guess it might end up being a collectors item now that Sony have finally discontinued the cassette Walkman after thirty years on the market, but I won’t be putting it up for sale on eBay, despite this slightly disconcerting little snippet of information:

There is a bloke currently selling blank cassettes on eBay: unopened TDK MA-R C60s, to be exact. Before you take this as further proof that eBay is the great car-boot sale of cyberspace, it is worth mentioning that unopened TDK MA-R C60s don’t reside in the sad hinterland of 0 bids and 0 watchers. They are going for £75. Each.

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