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There’s a song playing on the radio…

Everyone has their favourite songs; they soundtrack our lives, they remind us of good times and good people, they make us smile and sing along and want to dance. Music has an intensely powerful emotional impact on our lives, whether it is the music we love and that makes us happy – or otherwise…

So, then, what about those songs you just can’t stand? What about those songs that make you dive across the room to turn the radio off? Those songs that make you wince and shudder and set your teeth on edge? Those songs you just hate?

Having read an interesting article in The Guardian on this very subject not so long ago, I asked the lovely people over at the Another Kind Of Mind Facebook page what their most hated songs were – and I got some interesting results.

It’s certainly pleasing to note that, as I have long suspected, I am by no means the only one who gets incandescent with rage over shit music; some of the responses I got from my readers simply dripped vitriol in the most fantastic fashion. There is clearly music out there that really, really pisses you lot off.

As you may have already guessed, the usual boy and girl band suspects are, of course, present and correct (anything by Robbie Williams or The Spice Girls etc), although I admit to doing a slight double take at an American friend’s suggestion of LFO’s Summer Girls, before realising he meant LFO the US boy band rather than LFO the legendary Warp Records signing and early-90s inventors of ‘bleep’ techno. My inner geek would have been devastated had he meant the latter!

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