Weird and Wonderful: Santa on the Beach


Even Santa needs a holiday! Actually, he probably needs a holiday more than most – his Christmas Eve duties must be exhausting. Here he is, relaxing on a Florida beach with several reindeer (below) and some surprised locals (above).

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When Santa Visited Christmas


Last year, we visited the Florida settlement of Christmas (apparently home to the world’s largest concrete alligator too, but that’s by the by) and saw some rather lovely photos of their Christmas post office at its busiest time of the year.

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Playlisting: Hail Santa!

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Christmas is Metal.

No, really. It is. It is known.

You need to trust me on this. It’s true. Christmas goes all the way up to eleven and then some…

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A Thoroughly Modern Santa?

The sleigh got clamped and is languishing in dusty obscurity in a garage somewhere near the North Pole, and poor old Rudolph has been deemed surplus to requirements and has unceremoniously been given his P45. Why? Because Santa has decided to get bang up to date with his transportation this Christmas, and he’s bought a motor car. And just look at him go! Those presents will be delivered extra fast this year, although he better leave all those tempting glasses of sherry alone – Santa getting nicked for drink driving would just ruin Christmas…

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