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World Book Night – and saving British libraries

Tonight is World Book Night. Originally dreamed up by Jamie Byng of the hugely successful Scottish independent publishers Canongate Books, and backed by an impressively long list of interesting and influential patrons (including JK Rowling, Nick Cave, Gil Scott-Heron, Margaret Atwood, Carol Ann Duffy and Antony Gormley, to name but a few), the aim of World Book Night is really quite simple – they want to get more people reading. And they intend to do this by giving away a million books.

Yes, I suspect it would be true to say that this event is extremely good publicity for the publishing houses involved, but, cynicism aside, if World Book Night does manage to succeed in its aim of encouraging people to read more than they already do (or don’t, as the case may be), then it will have done society a service.

Because the enjoyment of a truly good book is one of those small but significant joys of  human existence; a simple, lightweight and portable escape from everyday stresses, as well as an almost bottomless source of life-long learning. You can read about almost anything you could ever imagine (and a fair few things you probably couldn’t) – and you can read almost anywhere: in the bath, on the beach, waiting for the bus, on the loo, in bed, in the park, up a tree, on your sofa…

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