Another Kind Of Update

Things have been very quiet on the blogging front for the last couple of months – and quiet is something you wouldn’t normally ever be able to accuse me of… ;)

Real life has unfortunately and rather annoyingly got in the way of my attempts to write as much as possible recently, but I hope to remedy that in the very near future with some lovely shiny new blog posts for your reading pleasure – especially as this month marks Another Kind Of Mind’s first birthday on WordPress!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m on the look out for some brand new guest posts. Having enjoyed last month’s excellent guest post on Brazilian football by Martin from Marshall Law, I wanted to see what else my readers could write about… Got an idea for an interesting post? Pitch it to me in a comment right here or on the Facebook page!

In the meantime, I’m really looking forward to writing the upcoming post on bad movies, it has been so much fun reading everyone’s wonderfully opinionated comments and responses – a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the discussion so far!

You still have time to get involved in the debate if you want to – just leave a comment here (or at the Another Kind Of Mind Facebook page) – but you’ll have to be quick, as I will be closing comments on the original post on Friday 6th August to allow me to go through all your responses and write the new post.

Another Kind Of Mind will also be messing about on (by? in?) the river soon; watch out for a short series of new posts on what is probably London’s most famous and unmissable landmark – the River Thames.

I’ve been discovering all sorts of amazing facts about the river’s history, geography, ecology and mythology, as well as running around on the tow-paths of the capital with my camera to bring you some brand new river-themed photographs (for more of my river-y photos see here).

As Another Kind Of Mind’s first birthday approaches, I would also like to thank everyone who has read, shared, commented on, discussed and rated any of my posts over the last year – have a (virtual) drink or two on me to celebrate! Whether you agree with my opinions or not, it is great to have readers who are genuinely interested and have something to say – without all of you, this blog probably wouldn’t exist…

If you’ve got any suggestions for future posts or any other comments, please feel free to get in touch!

Follow me on Twitter, or join the Another Kind Of Mind Facebook page for more updates and debates.

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