Christmas in London: The Shoreditch Angel

The Shoreditch Angel

Walking through Shoreditch one chilly morning in early December, the last thing I expected to see on the streets was an angel of any sort, let alone the Angel Gabriel in all her Christmassy finery. But there she was, delicately perched on top of a bollard outside an office building and sparkling in the Winter sunshine. And she had a story to tell. But it’s not the one you might expect…

How did I know it was the Angel Gabriel? Simple. She’d left a message, painted onto sheeting and laid on the ground next to her. It read:

It is I, Angel Gabriel

I come to you with a message…

There are two poor creatives looking for room at your inn. They have nowhere to stay, so they have taken shelter at the Owl & Pussycat.

They are working on briefs for your clients and praying for a Christmas miracle – that the wise men may turn up there and greet them.

Go on (between 11am & 3pm), spread some Christmas cheer.

PLEASE FOLLOW THE SHINING STARS and go visit their new creation.

Certainly one of the most seasonally-themed jobseeking attempts I’ve ever seen. I wonder if she worked her Christmas magic…?



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